Frisson Knits only uses New Zealand Kid Mohair, which is from the first two shearings of Angora Goats. Unlike in other countries, New Zealand Angora goats are farmed in very small flocks, often by part-time lifestyle farmers. Our mohair always comes from a sustainable and ethical place. Happy goats make happy “kids”. And happy kids create the best mohair for our sweaters!

* kids = baby goats

In creating your Frisson Knit, we prioritise transparency and sustainability. We are proud to say that when we say hand-knitted, we mean hand-knitted. The only equipment used to turn mohair yarn into your final sweater is some knitting needles. No sewing machines, just our loving team of hand knitters.

Frisson Knits wants to create unique, delicate, durable, fashionable and versatile sweaters.

Make sure you watch this video on Angora goat farming in New Zealand…

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